by Shivam Chhuneja

Winter Coats For A Real Gentleman By Stephen Barry

Winter Coats For A Real Gentleman By Stephen Barry

With winter well and truly underway, some of you may already be having the problem of not knowing what to wear.

In the world of men’s style it can be easy when winter comes to throw in the towel and you just go ahead and wear anything as long as it keeps you warm.

This is ok though, right? Wrong!

Below, is our definitive guide to the top 5 men’s winter jackets.

The Overcoat:

An overcoat is a type of long coat, usually knee length that is worn as the outermost layer of an outfit. It is most commonly made of wool or a wool blend fabric and comes in many different colors.

The overcoat has for most of it’s history found itself worn almost exclusively over the top of a suit. However in more recent times it has found itself being worn much more casually. Some street-style gurus have even opted to wear it on top of athleisure staples like joggers and/ or hoodies. This is a great example of the overcoat’s versatility.

How To Wear:
A great example of a winter inspired outfit would be a camel overcoat worn with a white oxford shirt, navy chunky knit cardigan, dark wash jeans and Chelsea boots in either leather or suede in a similar colour to your coat.


The Parka Coat:
The parka is a hip length coat, that is padded with down or a warm man made material with a fur lined hood. The coat was originally worn by the Caribou Inuits, so you can be assured it can handle anything winter may throw at it.

The parka has long been a menswear winter favorite due to its style and practicality. Many color options are available however it is probably best to stick with black, army green and navy to stop yourself from looking like an arctic explorer or ski lift operator.


How To Wear:
For a cold weather outfit take a well fitting black parka, lightweight grey sweater, slim fit black chinos and a pair of black leather lace-up boots.


The Trench Coat:
The trench coat was first worn by British and French soldiers during World War 1. It was used as as an alternative to the heavier less practical coats of the time, to keep the soldiers dry from the rain while fighting in the trenches.

The trench coat is a menswear staple and will probably always be the coat of choice when wearing a suit in rainy weather. A trench coat can however be dressed more casually. It is one of few coats that looks great in almost every color that it comes in, which is a lot of colors by the way.


How To Wear:
Take your rainwear up a notch with a tan coloured trench coat, navy textured blazer, pale blue oxford shirt, grey wool trousers and brown leather brogues.


The Shearling/ Aviator Jacket:
The shearling aviator jacket as the name would suggest were originally worn by pilots. More specifically American fighter pilots.

A leather or suede jacket with fur or faux fur lining and collar or lapel. This jacket is synonymous with masculinity and warmth.


How To Wear:
For some rugged winter style look no further than a dark brown shearling jacket, plain white t-shirt, black slim-fit jeans and brown leather lace-up work boots.

Beard optional :p


The Peacoat:
The peacoat finds its origins with European sailors and later the American navy. It can be described as a hip length, double breasted wool coat with on oversized lapel. A sartorial favourite, worn by the likes of David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and Ryan Reynolds.

Originally the peacoat only cam in navy however today can be found in many colours and patterns from olive green to herringbone and light grey to pinstriped. The pea coat can be applied to a variety of styles and may just become your best friend every time there’s a chill in the air.


How To Wear: 
For meeting friends at the weekend choose the classic navy peacoat, blue plaid shirt, tan chinos and brown moc toe leather boots.


Final words: 
Remember this is just a guide. If you see a coat that you like the wear it. Also, as its winter don’t forget to wear your accessories, hats, gloves and scarves.

Have a good one guys.

Stephen Barry