What To Wear To A Party – Shivam Chhuneja

What To Wear To A Party – Shivam Chhuneja

Good times, hitting the clubs, require you to wear something special. Even if it’s a date, you need to look at your best, dressed per the occasion. Per the occasion implies doing your research before going to the place you are going to.

Dress per what is expected in that specific place, maybe there is a theme to that night, or maybe not. There always is a recognized club attire. For example, you wouldn’t wear your flip flops to the club night, right?

1. Let’s start with shoes on that note. No sneakers, sport shoes. Period. Wear proper leather shoes, not shiny. Something like loafers, monk straps etc. I personally do not like shiny and pointy shoes, I am a short dude, and they make me look like the penguin from the Batman. You must make a call based on how you feel you look in the type of shoes you wear. Club asks for class.

2. Pants: Anything which is not distressed, light colored looks awesome in the night time. You can easily rock your dark wash jeans, or go with the classic black, charcoal pants. The dark color makes you look elegant. I have been experimenting with different types of denims and by far I have received most compliments on my dark wash denims which look classy as hell and more professional, make me look like a man no a boy.

3. Shirts: I am always a big pro towards breaking the pattern or status quo. In clubs, every single guy is dressed in a black shiny shirt. Don’t be that guy. Choose something better, maybe something in check, or a different color. Try to have the shirt not tucked in, maintain the shirt length no longer than half of your ass though.

4. No Peacocking: Yes, I am talking about the guys who are shiny, wear extra accessories, mirrors, and bling. You look like a lighthouse in bling. 😀

5. Accessories are good, a watch, a bracelet is enough. It just needs to be there to compliment your outfit, not the other way around. Something that I recently got from a company called Helix Cuffs, I have been loving these. This bracelet makes you look like a man, it’s rugged, it awesome.


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And lastly, don’t be the joker of the party who does lame stuff after getting drunk. Enjoy, but like a true gentleman.

Shivam Chhuneja