10 Must Have Style Items For Indian Men

India is a vast and complex country. The seasons across the country are very different, but then again there are certain go to must haves for all Indian men.

These items not only cover basic men’s fashion for Indian men but also a bit about lifestyle, skills and more to become the alpha man you want to become.

With each of the following pointers I am putting up little Amazon India links for you guys to go check out the products I use or am talking about. I hope these help out!  

A good jacket

India becomes very cold in winters at places and then comes the need for a cool looking jacket that not only keeps you warm but also makes you look more stylish by the day.

A lot of people from other countries believe India to be a warm country. We Indian men know that is not true especially now that the month of December is on and real winter is coming!

I have laid out a few jacket options you can go for, with my favorite being a leather jacket with a hoodie followed by bomber jackets. Bomber jacket paired up with cool aviator sunglasses is something I love!

Sun Tan Lotion

India does get cold, but it also has sun shining over the whole day and men like me who have sensitive skin need something as a good sunscreen.

Sunscreen lotions in general have  a problem of leaving your skin shiny and greasy and for men who want to look like an alpha and stylish, shiny face might not be the way to go.

So choosing a matte sunscreen is the way to go.

I have used multiple sun screens over the years and currently am using matte sunscreen by Lotus which I totally love.

Shoe Care Kit

As I always say a man without good looking shoes is going nowhere in life. And nop, I am not exaggerating. Starting from women, to your coworkers, to friends, everyone notices how you maintain your shoes.

Anyone can put some time into their hair or their face, but maximum men forget to take care of their shoes. And I am not talking about the occasional shoe shine when you’re about to head out to a meeting or office.

Men need to take care of their shoes better. We end up spending thousands of rupees to buy great shoes but then we forget to spend a couple hundred more to take care of our shoes so the can last us years to come in the pristine condition.

I have personally been using shoe care products from a brand called Helios. I partnered up with them recently and wanted to highlight the products they have.

If you follow my Instagram or my other men’s style blogs you’d know how much I love Helios and their shoe care line.

The best thing is they also have an awesome sport shoe care kit which I absolutely love and no other brand in India is doing it as good as Helios.


It does get sunny and we Indian men love to ride motorbikes. So by default we need a great pair of sunglasses on our awesome shiny face to look dope.

There is a way to find the perfect pair of sunglasses for your face shape.

If you have a round face then go for a pair of sunglasses that have corners to them, wayfarers would be great for this face shape.

If you have a square face shape then the best case scenario would be to go for aviators, round frames.

Contrast and complement is the key to follow with sunglasses, especially for men.

A good hair routine

As I mentioned before, India is dusty and the weather is harsh. So is the pollution because of so many vehicles.

Our hair and skin gets crushed when we go out every single day. It becomes essential to take care of our skin and hair.

After all as men we have to take care of our hair. Now, when I say Indian men need to take care of their hair better I do not mean just put some hair wax on.

I mean the full shampoo, condition then use the product and hair dryer routine to get the best hairstyle possible and make you look stylish and clean.

Brown Double Monk Straps

Okay, I could have written just having a good pair of shoes for men. But I chose to write double monk straps for the only reason that I love double monk straps and oh yea also double monk strap shoes make men look fashionable and sexy.

There are of course some great brands offering awesome double monks on various sites which I will link below.

The key here is brown! A lot of men wear just black shoes and stay away from brown colors for some reason. I on the other hand love brown and am in love with the stylized outfit I can pull off with a classy brown pair of shoe.

Also, By the way I sell brown double monk straps(yes I remembered this while writing this point and wasn’t preplanned) If you want classy brown double monk straps in India, just reach out to me on my Instagram account @helpingmenstyle or @men_and_shoes

Good Sport Shoes

All men need to go the gym, take care of their body. It’s not just about the sporty socializing circle but also about keeping our bodies active and healthy so we can perform to the fullest and make the best of our time at other tasks.

A healthy body helps perform better at work, looks more stylish in the clothes we wear and of course helps impress some ladies.

I have been a big fan of Nike and normally swear by Nike sport shoes. But recently my family came out with a sport shoe brand called BRiiX. We do have men’s and women’s shoes at extremely affordable prices.

Unlike Nike, you can get these shoes on Amazon India for under INR 800.

I have been rocking these since they came out. Do let me know how you like them, and don’t forget to tag me on insta when you buy these.

A mix of patterned shirts

Patterns are always cool irrespective of the place you are in.

India has a vast variety of colors in the traditional dresses as well as vast varieties of tastes among people. If you are a stylish man, one must have is a set of different shirts in multiple patterns so you can rock those casual chai or tea outings with your friends in the evenings.

I had recently written an article on how to mix and match patterns in an outfit. If you want to mix multiple patterns and are going to be confident with it, well you’re on your way to be a style ninja.

Cooking Skills


Indian men need to put some time and effort into learning to cook well. Trust me it pays off.

If you have a girlfriend, you already know how awesome and a positive of a point it can be if you’re a good enough cook.

As a man you are not expected pull of a seven course meal for your girlfriend, but even a dish with chapatis ordered from a nearby restaurant gets you those brownie points.

Does being able to cook properly make you a more stylish of a man? Nop, but it does make you more attractive of a man for sure.

Inner Confidence


This is the one tip that I would give to all men irrespective of their location, clothing habits or anything.

Every outfit or piece of clothing is just a pin prick in front of this. Inner confidence, the confidence that does not depend on the brand you are wearing, the car you drive, the phone you use is the confidence we need more of.

If you are trying a new piece of clothing, inner confidence is what will take your 8 and change it to an 11. Any alpha male would need a healthy dose of inner confidence in order to pull off that alpha male vibe.

If you try and remember the time you saw an alpha male friend of yours dominate the whole scene in their shorts, well that was their inner confidence in play.

With this I will wrap this article up. I hope these tips give some stylish Indian men a push to become super stylish Indian men.


Shivam Chhuneja

Helping Men Style