Men’s Outfit Guide For A Casual Outing

Good times, hitting the clubs, require you to wear something special. It can specially be intimidating if you’re going out on a date with that special girl of your dreams.

A lot of men I know come across this classic problem of getting a blank mind when it comes to dressing well in a casual environment or for a casual outing with friends or even a casual date.

With this guide I want to talk about style and outfit tips for men on the special topic of going out to a club, a party or to a casual date.

Now, guys we all need to dress per what is expected in that specific place. What I mean by that is that every restaurant, club or establishment usually has either a pre set norm on what to wear or that norm might be an unsaid etiquette. For example, when you’re going to a high class restaurant, even though they do not say it explicitly you know you should avoid wearing a pair of slippers there.

Clubs usually have a rule of no naked toe rule for men, meaning when you’re going to a club, you should be wearing your shoes and not slippers or god forbid those sandals.

A lot of times you will know the theme for that party or the dressing theme would be pre conveyed to you. That will solve 90% of your problems. But what if there is no set dressing theme? What to do now?


1. Shoes:

Let’s start with shoes on that note. No sneakers or your running shoes. Period.

I can make an exception with some sleek classy pair of sneakers but running shoe is a definite no on. Men’s attire and clothing is quite simple once we start having a structure towards it. Sneakers do look good with a simple t-shirt paired up with your denims and a blazer for the matter of fact.

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One important thing is to avoid overly pointy shoes. These shoes have become a trend lately and look hideous and make you look smaller than you are. Hell, they make you look like The Penguin from Batman.

On a bit more of a formal note, you can skip sneakers altogether and go for a pair of shoes that are a bit dressier. Something like driving moccasins, or even something like double or single monk strap shoes. I have even come to love my classy Chelsea boots along with these kinds of outfits.


2. Trousers:

Trousers are something we men struggle with quite a lot. I have myself committed this mistake numerous times and so have all my friends. The mistake is wearing the daily wear light wash denim to an outing in the night. Now, we just choose our favorite pair of jeans, put them on and go.

Well, that neither makes us look classy nor gets us girls. What we need to do is to add that splash of panache in our outfit with a classy trouser.

Now, classy trouser does not necessarily mean that it needs to be a formal trouser. It could be a sleek pair of chinos, dark wash jeans, casual trouser with a plaid pattern on it.

Anything which is not distressed is great. Denims or pants with the distress wash, bling, cuts and slits on the front in my opinion are a no no.

Dark color in trousers looks awesome in the night time. You can easily rock your dark wash jeans, or go with the classic black, charcoal pants. The dark color makes you look more elegant.

I have been experimenting with different types of denims and by far I have received most compliments on my dark wash denims which look classy as hell.

Have a look at what I wore last year. I paired my black pair of denims with a black t-shirt and a cream colored blazer with that hint of my awesome pocket square.

Shivam ChhunejaClick on the image to view the product on amazon.

One additional perk of the dark wash denims is that they make me look like a man not a boy.


3. Shirts:

I am always a big pro towards breaking the pattern or status quo. In clubs, every single guy is dressed in a black shiny shirt. Don’t be that guy. Choose something better, maybe something in check, or a different color.

Being able to break patterns is an amazing boon to the path of being more stylish and spark those necessary vibes with the girl of your dreams.

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Stay simple, and look at the length of the shirt before you plan to tuck it in or keep it out.

Normally in a party or a casual social situation I will try not to have the shirt tucked in. The key to have shir tout of your trousers is that the shirt length is no longer than half of your ass. If untucked, the shirt covers up your ass, it’s too long and needs to be tucked in and not left out.

4. Accessories:

Normal and simple accessories are good: a watch and maybe a bracelet is enough.

Accessories are there to compliment your outfit, not the other way around.

I have seen a lot of men getting a ton of accessories and then they look like the queen of Egypt or India. So, the key here is to keep the accessories simple.

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Here is how I view accessories: I view them as something that will give someone else a reason to start a conversation with me. Remember, that girl you want to talk to, is also thinking of what to say.

Give her an easy reason and have an unusual but manly accessory to give her a reason to come and compliment you on your manly choice and start a conversation with you.


5. Something Extra:

Now this is a bonus point. You could rock a bow tie to put yourself out of the box than almost every other guy.

Something that I have gotten a compliment on every single time I wore the item is funky looking socks.

Every single girl/woman I met that day, pointed out the fact that they love my socks.

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You can definitely look at brands like Swanky Socks(one of my friend’s brand), H&M or even Happy Socks if budget permits.

And lastly, don’t be the joker of the party who does lame stuff after getting drunk. Enjoy, but like a true gentleman.

Shivam Chhuneja