Men’s Hair Product Picks For 2017 – Shivam Chhuneja

Men’s Hair Product Picks For 2017 – Shivam Chhuneja

Men, your hair are an essential part of your look. They can make you look put up, or messy, or a smart ass genius or a mafia. It all comes to how you style your hair. And this need for styling our hair in a specific way calls for some super awesome hair products. These are the products I think you should invest in or at least explore in the year of 2017.

This specific blog is geared towards our Indian readers, there will be one more soon done for readers all over the world. For now here it goes:

Classic Shampoo

I used Park Avenue’s Beer shampoo, initially I did not like the smell, but then I noticed what it was doing to my hair and eventually I started to like the smell as well(secret: it smells of beer with flowers :p). I have been using a lot of hair products since a long time now, and this means I have to wash my hair often so as to keep them at their best health. If you do not use that many products, you do not need to use a lot of it. However, it is by far one of the best shampoo’s for softness and volume that I have used available in India for a nominal price.

Classic Conditioner

Tre Semme Conditioner. This is something I came across a couple years ago, tried it. It is simply awesome. It does the the job of a conditioner but at the same time its just my hair feel softer and better. :p

Styling Paste/Clay/Wax

I have used 2 main products here over the years. Both are from Schwarzkopf, Professional Taft Power Hair Wax and Osis+ FIbre Texture Gum. These are obviously expensive than other products out in the Indian Market, but they last at least 3 months a pop so totally worth the money, spending about 100 INR on your hair a month is cool enough.

Alright, this is the gladiator of your hair product arsenal. Any other styling product can be skipped, but this is the thing that gives your hair the shape, the style that you want. I recommend using a bit on wet hair, then blow drying your hair according to the style you want and top it of with a pinch more of the product for the touch.


I am not even familiar with any other spray in the Indian market. Gatsby Extreme hold is what I use to top it all off in the end to give it a structure which withstands the beatings of the day. I used to use my motorbike to go to college, which was 21km one side, so I needed something that will make me look good when I reach college and throughout the day. This tops it off.


This is my list of hair products in India to look out for in 2017 for men. Keep Styling.


Shivam Chhuneja