Men’s Guide To Match Patterns In An Outfit


Oh my God, I have no clue how to do this.

Hey mom, can I wear a striped shirt with a check pant?

Yes son, aww you will look so cute!

Well well, will you really look cute?

If you’ve ever thought that you suck at mixing multiple patterns into one outfit, then read on.

Mixing patterns has been attempted by many and still is. But there is always a difference in peacocking, looking like a clown and actually nailing that super sharp and awesome look.

There obviously is a way to mix and match patterns properly, but why do it at all in the first place? Why leave the comfort of a solid shirt and a solid blazer for the dangerous and treacherous waters of style mix land?

Mixing patterns is an art as much as it is a skill. We all feel intimidated when we see 2 different patterns in someone else’s outfit.

Or we might shit in our pants if we find one dude nailing 3 completely different patterns in one smooth and slick outfit and actually look super fashionable and stylish. That dude also gets all the attention from all the girls somehow.

But here is the kicker, that dude is smoking!! He looks so cool and so confident while rocking that mish mash of patterns and has all the girls around him. Well, you can be that dude too!

The thing is, to be that dude, we need to understand the basics of pattern matching and mixing and then be very confident with what we attempt to carry. Most of the times a weird piece of clothing looks cool on someone just because they have extra confidence while carrying it out.

Let’s put it this way, you are a 20 year old and not a 35 year old. Patterns can be worn by anyone and at any age. Patterns just put a new sense of perspective to the original outfit and your look. So, let’s begin.

  1. Pattern Type

Mixing patterns is simple. You just want to make sure that none of the items clash on the following two terms, the first one being pattern size and then pattern density.

Pattern type plays an important role in deciding the look. You surely can have multiple patterns into one outfit, even paisley with polka dots with checks. Just make sure to take care of the following guidelines and you will be on your way.

  1. Pattern Size

As long as the two patterns vary in size, you are good to go upto the next part. You can  pair polka dots with stripes, if they are different size altogether.

Here are some examples: Image By Blake Scott

Image By Benn Bromley


  1.  Pattern Density

After the pattern size you want to make sure that all the patterns vary in density. If you do not want someone who looks at you to go dizzy, make sure the size and the density of the patterns is different from each other.

Men’s Pattern Mix Outfit Examples: Image By Blake Scott

Image By Blake Scott

Image by George LaBoda

If you feel comfortable in matching patterns and if you follow the simple rules to pattern matching, you are going to look like a well dressed fashion and style ninja.

Shivam Chhuneja

Helping Men Style