Men’s Guide To Business Casuals

Men’s Guide To Business Casuals

I am in a business school, I meet people, important people who could make a difference in my life.

Something I am particular about is business casuals.

There is something that I have learnt in the past about business casuals that helps me look sharp in meetings, presentations or otherwise.

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Here we go:

  1. Fit: The most important and the most repeated thing in my articles. Fit makes you look better, richer and hotter. No bulky shoes, bulky shirt or bulky pants with an undershirt sticking right out. Be classy, have fitted clothes on you at all times.
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    Which one is better??? 😛
  2. Go for sleeker shoes, slim pants, preferably dark.
  3. Belt matches the shoes.
  4. The shirt is fitted, the colors are not the everyday colors everyone wears.
  5. Break the status quo with brown or tan shoes. If you know me, you know how big fan I am of tan shoes. Make sure your belt matches your shoes.
  6. Layering: Layering with an awesome blazer, sweater etc. is always awesome. Even if you are sticking out of the crowd too much, do it. You look awesome.
  7. Something I changed in my attire permanently was, I changed my socks to awesome colorful super socks. You pump confidence out into the world with something like this on you.

Rock the business casual, look like a boss.

Shivam Chhuneja