A Man’s Guide To A Well Developed Body – Shivam Chhuneja

A Man’s Guide To A Well Developed Body – Shivam Chhuneja

A man’s guide to a well developed body

Have you seen some people at the gym with excessively developed upper body and chicken legs? If yes, then you are at the same page with me. If not, you need to go into a gym and watch it for yourself.

There is a reason that some people have perfect ratio of developed muscles and some turn out with disproportionate bodies.

This happens when a muscle group does not receive the attention it deserves. While, other muscles are worked up all the time in the gym this one stays unused and sad.

Well, you need to change that if that is you and if you’re not into fitness, you must get into it. Fitness and exercising doesn’t need to be done in the gym.

It can be done at your home as well without the use of weights and over time will result in a toned body along with an overall motivated mind.

The best way is to mix in bodyweight exercises with your normal routines.

The body weight exercises also work as compound exercises, that is they work more than one muscle group, exactly opposite of many exercises done with weights.

With weights you isolate muscle groups and develop them individually which to some extent is not good for the joints and tendons as well, not to mention irregularly developed muscles in left and right side of the body if you do not pay attention.

A bodyweight or compound exercise will have one major muscle group but will go on working many other groups along with it.

For example,

A push up not only works your chest but triceps, lower back, abs, glutes, quads and calves too.

Think of a complete workout.

So I encourage you to go and try bodyweight exercises and to make that job easy here are a few videos of small at home workouts.

Let us know how it turns out for you.

Shivam Chhuneja