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This post is a guest post by Sophisticated Sir. Make sure to check them out for Awesome Italian Made belts.

If clothes make the man, then the accessories make the outfit.

In a fast paced world, the finer details are often overlooked. Fortunately or unfortunately, these small subtle details make a bigger impact than you may initially think. Think about it, even the best quality suit and shirt will look wrong if worn with the wrong shoes, belt, bracelets (you get the idea!).

So each day you get up, plan your outfit. Add the right accessories to take it to the next level. Like a well made suit, we suggest buying good quality accessories. They’ll tend to last longer, which means you’ll be able to mix them around with more of your outfits.

Don’t hold back on spending either, good quality accessories generally last for years if cared for properly. Here are four essentials every Sophisticated Sir should have in his wardrobe.

Leather Belts

Leather Belt Leather Belt Leather Belt
Whether you’re just running errands on the weekend, wearing jeans, or your about to head into an important client meeting with your best suit, its important you complete the outfit with a good quality belt. For jeans and chino pants, feel free to add some personality to your outfit with a woven belt. These are extremely versatile. For sharper occasions, when a suit is required we suggest sticking to classic leather belts. When we developed our range of men’s leather belts, we decided to have them made in Italy. A good leather belt should last for many years, and so it just made sense to find the best artisans and use fine European leathers.  Remember to match the belt color with your shoes.


Leather Shoes
Leather shoes are a must for any successful Sir. Once again a good pair of well made leather shoes should last for years to come. Shoes with a leather sole will tend to wear out quicker than rubber, but have the ability to be replaced. For your black and grey suits, wear black shoes. For navy and brown suits, we suggesting opting for brown or tan lace up shoes. For client meetings leave the sneakers at home.


Leather Wallet
In a world we pay with our phones, or tap our cards the wallet may seem redundant. I can assure you its not the case. A good leather wallet says a lot about a person. It says they care just as much about the details as they do their appearance. Like leather shoes and belts, a good wallet is sure to last for years to come. When picking out a wallet, pick something that’s versatile. Something that you won’t be six of in 2 or 3 years.

Bracelets come in so many different forms, and are a great way to add some personality to your outfit. Stick with the safer colors for ultimate versatility and you’ll be able to wear yours each day. Experiment with both beaded bracelets and leather bracelets. Even mix a few together.

Add these accessories to your outfit and you’ll be at the top of your game.