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3 Huge Style Mistakes 90% Men Make

We men make a lot of style mistakes but these 3 are the most common and most easily curable. Just by taking care of these 3 small things you not only become a more stylish of a man but you would also improve your social standing, boost your confidence and attract better career opportunities.

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These basic mistakes are just a start towards getting a step closer to looking how you want to look and the type of people you want to attract towards you. The reason I have kept these to just a few is because these are the ones that need to be taken care of no matter what the situation.

Other mistakes sometimes can be overlooked and you would still be able to rock an look cool. Or sometimes even look as you id it on purpose(extremely smart to bring your alpha male persona)

There are some rules which if broken might make you look cool and even more stylish. In fact I encourage you guys to always break the so called style rules and guidelines to make you look out of the box.

From this list of 3 style blunders that men make, do not ever eve mess up the first one!!!!!

For me if one of these three points is missing, the other two become redundant. I might make a longer list later on but for now, here it goes.

  1. Men Need To Wear Clothes That Fit Them

I would say this is the most important aspect of wearing clothes and making a statement. If your clothes do not fit your properly, you are going wrong at some place.

What does wearing clothes that fit you mean?

Clothes that fit is all about wearing the right size clothes for your body’s size and shape. These are going to be those pieces of clothing that are going to make you look taller if you’re short, thinner if you’re fat and so on.

Well fitted clothes correspond to the measurements of clothes that are going to accentuate your body’s natural lines. The clothes must drape naturally over your body and follow the lines automatically.  A good fit is something that on the outside flows along the lines of the body and still provides you enough room to move around and feel relaxed.

You would be amazed to know that 90% or more men make this mistake every single time, with almost every single one of their outfits. Once again, caring for the fit and size of your clothes is going to project an image of a man who has his life together.

It is going to make statement that you know what you’re talking about and you are someone who is trustworthy and take the step in the right direction. I am a business owner, and I have on so many occasions not even thought a second time about someone who was wearing clothes a size too big when they met me.

  1. Men Need To Take Care Of Their Shoes Well

A man’s shoes say a lot about him. Everyone, especially girls notice your shoes and what you’re wearing.Every single time when I was rocking either my funky socks, or a cool pair of shoes I have had compliments from almost every single girl I met that day.

The reason for this in my opinion is simple actually. Anyone can look cool in a pair of denims and a black t shirt and a sprinkle of confidence but it takes a real man and real taste to be able to rock a sexy pair of shoes in your outfit.

I even go to such an extent with someone I might be consulting to get them to base their outfit on the shoe they want to wear that day. And yes, I do this too. I base my outfits around my shoe preference for the day.

The shoe I am wearing in a day is going to directly tell you about what kind of a mood I am in for that day.

Are you with me??

Okay, let’s move forward.

The type and design of shoes are of course important, but what is evermore so important is how clean your shoes are and how well maintained they are. If you have a pair of shoes that are well taken care of, the message that goes out is that this man knows his domain and is someone who will look after things well.

Shoes need to be maintained well, and kept clean. Clean and cool shoes give the message that you know what you are doing and you have control over your life.

Wouldn’t you want to send that message out??

  1. Men Need To Match The Colors In Their Outfit Better

If you ask anybody about matching colors you might be told go for complementary colors. But only if you or they put enough time thinking out about the colors, things could be much better.

Men tend to ignore colors along with many other things in their outfits. I have seen men look like peacocks and then try to impress a girl.

Being able to match colors well in an outfit really boils down to practice. A lot of times when I am confused or am advising someone on the colors they can pair well, I just go ahead and open up Instagram and look at what popular men’s style pictures are featuring.

Even if the guy in the picture is wearing a shade different than what I have or the shirt and pant colors are exchanged, it still works. Now, with that being said we must also pay attention to a few more things while looking at various color options in our outfits.

Factors To Choose What Colors Your Wear As A Man:

    • Your skin tone.
    • Your age.
  • Your body type.

Skin Tone and Color Guide For Men

Men struggle with properly determining their skin tone. Normally to make everything simple you want to go with a basic 3 variation guide to your skin tone.

Types Of Skin Tones Of Men:

    • Warm
    • Neutral
  • Cool

A simple way to look at what colors to wear is the warmer your skin tone the deeper and more saturated color you can rock.

So if you have a light brown skin tone like me, you are lucky in terms of the fact that you can be in the best of both worlds if you so choose.

If you have a darker/warmer skin tone you should be able to wear more saturated color palette like deep purple, golden yellow etc.

If you have a lighter, cooler skin tone with hints of blue, pink etc. as your skin undertones then you can look great in colors like baby pink, light peach etc.

So, here comes the kicker. You might not need to have an article clothing on that dominates in this one color. A splash of one of these colors can do wonders. Or example a dark navy suit with a baby pink shirt, and deep saturated purple/pink pocket square with hints of white could do the trick for you.

Men’s Quick Guide To Color And Clothing According To Age

The reason this is a quick guide is simple.

An old man, no matter how smart looks superb in lighter colors with less saturation.

A young guy can easily pull of a more deeper and saturated look.

Men who are of age or adults rather have to give of a sense of control in all aspects of life, and dressing in a deep purple t shirt with white denims does not give out that vibe. Period.

Men’s Guide To Color And Clothing According To Body Type

Body type is extremely important in deciding how you wear certain colors and in what kind of hue combination you wear those colors.

Short men need to project length and give out a streamlined look in their outfit. They cannot afford to look choppy or half and half as it will make their legs look even shorter.

And guess what, as with everything else, this does not exude confidence and control, so you will miss that deal just because you chose to wear dark blue denims with a golden yellow t shirt.

Short men are suggested to wear monochrome or analogous tones for this very reason. Having colors and items that flow into each other make someone’s eyes smoothly travel along the entire height of your body.

The fact that their eyes can travel smoothly from top to bottom on your body gives a pleasing feeling to that person.

Now, with all that being said matching colors is easy, you just do not need something that clashes too much with the other one. You can get the color wheel on google, look at it to get ideas.

General Color Matching Guide For Men In Outfits

Complementary colors are the ones which are directly opposite to each other on the color wheel. For example red to green. Now that would make one hell of an outfit, right.!!(for a 5 year old)

Then are analogous colours, these border each other on the colour wheel. For example, blues and blue greens.

If you are not sure about going complementary in the outfit, or if the setting is formal, you might want to go with analogous colours.

In an outfit, you pick a core colour and then frame rest of the outfit accordingly.

For example, I might chose the grey melange blazer as my core item, then pair it with an almost analogous blue dark wash jeans and a green t shirt. These all the colours in my outfit are right next to each other. Think of analogous as safe. If you are not sure what to do, go analogous or even simpler, go monochrome.

That is it for now, I will do a detailed article/video  in the future about matching colours and patterns.

Stay tuned for it.


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