15 Essential Items A Man Must Own – Shivam Chhuneja

15 Essential Items A Man Must Own – Shivam Chhuneja

From a razor to a squeaky clean pair of dress shoes, here is our list of 15 items that every man must have.  

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1. A suit
You're a man now. It is imperative to own a pair of suits. One Black for the party look and one Navy Blue for the casual business look.
         Navy Suit      

2 . Dress Shoes
Brown shoes to match your navy blue suit and black shoes for everything.
         Dress Shoes            

3. A Pair Of High Ankle Boots
High ankle boots to go with your casuals and make you look like a hunk in front of the ladies.
Ankle High Boots

4. A Leather Wallet
Nothing shouts more class than a perfect leather wallet in your pocket.
Leather Wallet

5. 2 Belts: Brown And Black That Match Your Shoes
A pair of belts matching the color of your shoes to show you care about what you wear and respect the way you look.
       Belt           Black Belt

6. A Watch
A classic round dial watch not only says you are important but also tells you time so you can be punctual in everything.
Classic Watch

7. An Umbrella
We all know why we need one.

8. A Shaving Kit
A full fledged shaving kit to make you look and feel like the ultimate gentleman.
Shaving Kit

9. Chef's Knife
Chef's knife for all your dreams of cooking the food that makes the mouth water and have that intense foodgasm.
Chef's Knife

10. Charcoal Grill
A charcoal grill to make that perfect barbecue and have the time of your life.
Charcoal Grill

11. Swiss Knife
A swiss knife for all your small needs.
Swiss Knife

12. A Toolbox
Be a man and repair almost everything yourself at your home with a full toolbox.

13. A Flashlight
A flashlight for those dark moments.

14. Pocket Knife
A pocket knife to go with your security needs and the crafty moments.
Pocket Knife

15. Scotch Bottle
An unopened bottle of scotch in your cabinet for that perfect moment of celebration when you get your name on that board at the entrance.

Bottle o'Scotch


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