13 Style Tips For Short Men

I am a short guy. Throughout my childhood I have been one o the shortest guys in my peers. Yet that never stopped me from doing anything I ever wanted.

I am 25 years old now, standing at 5 feet and 7 inches tall I need to make smart decisions about the clothing I wear and the type of persona I project. Now, I also run a marketing firm, so I need to be strategic on what I’m wearing as a lot of times clients end up judging your capabilities on how you look and the way you dress.

Any short guy needs to be strategic and more careful about the color choices, type of clothing and other small things such as accessories to project confidence, make them look taller than they are so they can get to where they want to get.


The reality of life is you might even be rejected for a post of CEO if you look short as a short man cannot project much confidence and control. SO it becomes even more so important for people like me and people like you to follow the tips I am going to cover in this article here.


1. Clothes that fit you


This as usual is the first tip in almost all of my articles and videos I make. The reason for this is simple. Wearing clothes that actually fit you and drape over the natural lines of your body is key top look slimmer, taller and more confident.


Ever noticed that people who wear a it suit somehow suddenly start looking more attractive than they usually look?


As a short man wearing clothes that fit you perfectly are going to make your body look like a continuous flowing line from top to bottom giving the impression of being taller and fitter than you actually are.


Loose and baggy clothes make you look shorter and fatter for the simple reason that many creases and folds in your outfit break the flow of the outfit and the viewer has to apply their own imagination to what you’re wearing making the experience choppy and shabby.


2. Monochrome color schemes


Now, this one tip has been m go to a lot of times.


Wearing different colors also makes the eye of the viewer take a break when looking at your outfit. What we want to achieve as a short man is make the viewer do as less of work as possible when looking at us and our outfit.


The moment the viewer has to make a conscious decision about our outfit, is the moment when they are going to notice how short we are.


3. Accessorize in proportion to your body size


If I am 5 foot 7 inches tall and my style and fashion choice is to wear a 42mm watch an a huge chain of an accessory in my neck then I am doomed.


What I usually do is take my accessories seriously. I try and keep my accessory size to the smallest as possible while still looking as a grown up stylish man.


So, you would see me wearing a normal watch, with a thin strap or if I am wearing a belt or a tie I try to keep their width to a minimum as well.


4. Avoid contrasty outfits


This tip once again serves to making the viewer do less of a work.


However, this one is different because even if you are wearing monochromes all the time you can still end up contrasting two very different saturation of the same color.


And let’s be honest, having an outfit or a wardrobe made up of a monochrome theme is boring and is honestly for people who are 90 years old and above.


I want to wear more colors, I know you want to try out various colors as well.


Now, this is how I go about when I am pairing up two very separate colors in my outfit. So, I end up going for a similar saturation level if I am mixing colors.


Meaning If I am wearing dark olive green pants I will go with navy blue shirt and if I am going with a light olive green trouser I will wear a light blue denim shirt on top. The level o the saturation stays the same so the eye of the viewer does not get a hug speed breaker at the belt point.


For example right now, I am sitting in a coffee shop writing this article. I am wearing light khaki shorts along with a mid saturated pink t shirt with a self design to lighten the overall saturation perception of the viewer making my t shirt also look lightly saturated making m shorts and t shirt look very similar in saturation and avoiding contrast in my upper and lower half.


5. Clothes with smaller sized patterns


Okay, this one is to be touched with care.


If the pattern size becomes too small you will start piercing the eye of the viewer, and i it becomes too large you will start to look shorter than you even are.


Tread with caution on this one. If you have any doubts, feel free to send a message on any of my Instagrams @helpingmenstyle or @men_and_shoes or even an email at shivam@helpingmenstyle.com


I will help you out with picking the right pattern right there!


6. Low rise avoid and prefer medium or high rise pants, avoid low waist pants


This one is pretty simple as it is.


Low rise pants are going to take length away from your legs and make your legs look shorter than they are.


Tall people have long legs, the longer you can make your legs look the less shorter you appear to anyone looking at you.


It goes without saying that you should definitely avoid wearing low waist trousers or pants for the very same reason.


Additionally wearing low waist trousers also make the trouser full of wrinkles throughout your leg making everything look way more choppy and adding to the breaks.


7. Avoid high contrast footwear to the outfit


The shoe color you choose must also be paid attention to.


Any shoe color that contrasts your whole outfit once again is going to take away from the length of your whole body. People will subconsciously think that you are finished at your ankles instead of your toes making you feel shorter!!


8. Narrow lapels to the jacket


Now this point onward I am going to be talking mainly about suits, layering and more o a professional attire based tips.


So, the same principle we applied to your accessory size also applies here. Wide lapels to your jacket are going to make you look wider, and remember we wanted to look longer and not wider.


So narrow lapels, with a slim tie are going to add on to the perceived height of your body.


9. Slimmer sleeve widths

Slimmer sleeve widths do pretty much something similar to wearing clothes that actually fit you.
They hug your arms and make you look slimmer and sleek, and usually the eye believes what it perceives and not what it sees. And your eye starts to see slim and trim, and perceive that you’re taller and longer than you actually are.


10. Add length visually

Now, this is a tip I got from Antonio of Real Men Real Style, and he talked about adding length visually to your body. Actually that’s what the 9 tips above have been for, but this one is a bit different.

This one is not based on better fit of the clothes but more towards what kind of clothes you wear.

Having vertical stripes in our outfit gives the illusion of being taller than we are. It works the same way as horizontal stripes can make you look fatter than you are.

11. Layering properly

Layering is imperative to looking slim and not short. If you have hefty clothes on which have quite a mass to them you’re going to look bigger and shorter than you actually are.


12. Avoid pointy shoes

Pointy shoes bring attention to your feet right away.

We want the person looking at our outfit to start from the top and then end at the bottom without a break and give their eyes a smooth run down.

Pointy shoes just make your feet look bigger than they are and make you look like the penguin from The Batman.


13. Inner confidence is the key

Last but not the least it all comes down to how comfortable you are in your skin.

I have seen so many men who have a short height but nothing can stop them because they do not think it is that important. Keep your head high and believe in yourself.

Shivam Chhuneja